Feb 2, 2011

GoodMail to cease operations

Although there is still no official announcement on the GoodMail website, several legitimate sources have spread the word that the company will cease operations in a few days.

Here is the text which is being sent around:

It is with great regret that I must inform you that Goodmail will cease operations on Tuesday 2/8/11.  We will continue to provide CertifiedEmail tokens until Monday 2/8/11 5pm PST at which time our Token Generators will be taken offline.  Tokens provided between 2/1/11 and 2/7/11 will be free of charge.  All tokens provided during the month of January will be charged at regular rates.
We are working with our ISP partners to accommodate a transition period for your IP addresses so as to decrease the effort required for warm up.  In the meantime, please begin to transition your traffic off of CertifiedEmail.
Please contact customercare if you have any questions.

Since I've never been a very big certification fan (except in some specific cases), I wouldn't say this will rock my (email marketing) world. However, it will be interesting to see in the upcomming months how the former GoodMail clients (if the announcement is true and no one takes the followup) will handle their email strategy in the upcomming weeks.

More information available on the email expert website

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