May 14, 2010

New Gmail rendering rules

The guys at emailKarma (among others) have spotted a drastic change to the way Gmail's webmail renders images.
This change occurred over the week-end and could have a massive impact on the way your creative will display in Gmail.
Funny thing is this only impacts sliced images (read here a big image cut into smaller ones) since what Gmail does is that it adds a slight space around the image.
The solution spotted by the guys at Smith-Harmon is to add (in-line of course since Gmail doesn't read CSS) the following parameter to your image tags: style="display:block"

Here's an example of correct image tag:

< src="””" alt="”CLIENT”" border="”0″" height="”75″" width="”200″" style="”display:block”">

Once again, the only real impact of this change is on sliced images, but you're always better safe than sorry.

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this! I couldn't figure out why suddenly our emails didn't look right in Gmail. If I hadn't done a spot check on a whim, I wouldn't have noticed.