May 14, 2010

New Gmail rendering rules

The guys at emailKarma (among others) have spotted a drastic change to the way Gmail's webmail renders images.
This change occurred over the week-end and could have a massive impact on the way your creative will display in Gmail.
Funny thing is this only impacts sliced images (read here a big image cut into smaller ones) since what Gmail does is that it adds a slight space around the image.
The solution spotted by the guys at Smith-Harmon is to add (in-line of course since Gmail doesn't read CSS) the following parameter to your image tags: style="display:block"

Here's an example of correct image tag:

< src="””" alt="”CLIENT”" border="”0″" height="”75″" width="”200″" style="”display:block”">

Once again, the only real impact of this change is on sliced images, but you're always better safe than sorry.

May 7, 2010

What google tells you about email marketing

Now that google's wonder wheel is out it's quite funny to see what are "email marketing"'s related subjects.

I've checked a couple of them and browsed around, the results are quite interesting :

First "email marketing"

Leads to "email advertising"

Or to "email marketing best practices"

Other searches trigger interesting results:

Like "email marketing deliverability"

There's quite a lot of stuff here to explore, it's probably a good way to keep in touch with the latest email marketing trends.