Feb 25, 2010

OME Madrid

The OME Madrid is almost over, unfortunately I didn't have time to go to any conference yet, but here's some second hand information I can share with you guys:

1 - A massively huge amount of people attended the conferences, all packed in the different rooms around the fair, some even sitting on the ground or standing outside, most of the conferences had a massive success.

2 - As last year, a very high percentage of these conferences linked in a way (or the other) to social marketing (every year more present form of marketing in Spain):
- Use email in your social marketing strategy
- Build a community and address it
- Get Social
- ...

3 - Most of the email marketing related conferences stressed, as you would expect, the importance of targeting, of sending out relevant information to your subscribers, show them respect.

4 - It seems Spain is still lagging a bit behind other European countries but catching up quickly.
Let's hope they keep it up.

Now, on a more general point of view, the fair seems to have quite a bit less visitors than last years overall and especially we experienced a huge drop in visits on day 2.

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