Nov 16, 2009

Email Service Provider iPhone apps

How to be a cool ESP?
Be on top of the trends and use all fashionable ways to stay in touch with clients.

After the blog thing (all ESPs have blogs as far as I know), the social media thing (having a Facebook page and a (or several) twitter accounts (if you are curious here's my Email Marketing companies twitter list), it is now highly fashionable to have an iPhone app.

Not that it's useful in any way (even though one might argue that it's always handy to be able to see one's latest statistics on the go), but it's starting to be a big trend.

Among ESPs iPhone apps let's mention:
Exact target

There are more probably, these are only the ones I know of and excluding the iPhone's Safari compatible apps.
If I missed on any major ESP iPhone app, please feel free to comment, I'll be glad to edit the post.

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