Aug 8, 2009

Lightning never strikes twice the same place... or does it?

Funny thing, I made a post this week dealing with how important e-marketing could become in Africa in the next years, in my plane back to Paris I read an article in a Tunisian newspaper emphasizing the increase in internet accesses in Tunisia and the road that has still to be walked to reach the other countries.

Here are a couple of figures for 2009 out of the article (reminder: Tunisia has 10M inhabitants).
- Number of internet users: 3M (+40% compared to last year)
- Number of people having a personal DSL connexion: 280k (+95.2% compared to last year!!!)
- Number of Tunisian websites : 8 727 (in june - not counting personal web pages and blogs) (+34% compared to last year).

Another interesting figure is that out of these 10M inhabitants, there is 8.66M GSM lines.


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