Aug 5, 2009

Email for Africa

Being on vacation in Tunisia this week, I had a very interesting discussion with a Tunisian friend of mine.

We were discussing how Africa was under control of different countries and depending on them for its growth.
Of course there are the old historical countries such as France and England and the decades (centuries) of Colonialism, but also the USA and more recently the Asian countries (China and India for the most).
Of course this dependency is paid by African countries with natural ressources, knowing Africa as a continent is full of wealth but it can't axploit it on its own for now due to a lack of infrastructure for the most.

When he told me all this, I asked: Why Africa leaves all these countries share a cake it could keep for itself?

He replied: It's due to a lack of means and ressources (financial that is).

Of course, all this discussion was triggered in the first place by Barack Obama's speech in Ghana on July the 11th when he declared that Africa had to evolve on its own and take the lead on their continent.

Knowing that new technologies are rising in Africa these days, African business will probably have to fight their way to reach consumers.
I'm pretty much sure the Email battle will have to be fought in this marketing war.

Knowing how late they are on the new technologies field, it will be a good time for experienced companies to settle in Africa and help local companies evolve and improve their marketing skills.

Could Africa be the next marketing "el dorado"?
I bet it will be.

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