Jul 20, 2009

Truth comes from 'the street'

One of our clients sent the optin 'proof' following a complaint handle by our abuse desk.
This optin proof was sent to the complainer and his reply made sens to me and is - I believe - typical of people's feeling about email marketing lately...

The complaint was initially made on a campaign sent by one of our French clients (email was in French) and they sent the URL of the form on which the user registered (a prize winning competition) the date and time his information was submitted and his IP.

Funny thing is the complainer in his reply also makes a confusion between the initial list owner and the ESP - which of course is bad as well for the ESP's image.

Please note names and brands have been removed

I am sorry but I don't know French. It seems like you are implying that I opted in to your mailing list. But if I don't understand French, why do you think I would do that? On the other hand, did you hire a contract spammer to run an 'advertisement' campaign for you recently? I strongly believe it must be the [ESP name] ([url].net [url2].net and so on) because I have been getting a lot of French language spam from them lately and they probably created the 'opt-in' record for you. Nonetheless, by hiring them (if you did), you also stand to be termed a spammer and be reported to the major DNSBL services!

[the complainer]

Once again, as a company trying to get new profiles or as an ESP, please be careful when choosing your partners, providers and clients.
Your reputation could be linked to dodgy companies over a few weeks time, regardless how much you match best practices, and you don't want that!

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