May 31, 2009

Will Google wave create a new direct marketing arena?

Google presented during this year's Google I/O the pre-release of Google Wave, the video of the presentation is available here.

This is what might be a big evolution in the way people communicate online.
According to me it's more about a mix of several ways of communicating (email, IM, iRC, Forums, Blogs,...). What really is making the difference here is that all these ways of communicating are merged into one, interactive way. Making it possible through one single tool to interact in several ways.

The presentation made by Google shows several possible uses of using Waves. The question I'm asking to myself just now that I saw the video is: Will it make a difference in direct e-marketing? Will it be a unique place to interact with your clients?

I guess we will get a better understanding of where it will lead us when the final version comes out.

Learn more about Google Wave:
Official Google Blog: Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.

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