May 8, 2009

Do you have a global strategy?

Companies often have an ESP to manage their email (and some times SMS) campaigns, a web analytics to measure website traffic and activity, a CRM and a Loyalty program.
This is good, but recently more and more companies have tried to merge all this information.

This really is a powerful plan, imagine: Today, it's just as if in your companie you had several employees in your marketing department, one knowing what are the best offers, one knowing what your clients like and another one knowing who are the best clients, but they never got the chance to talk to each other.

Merging all this information although it might sometimes be difficult and expensive to set up is the key to achieve great success.

Once you get everything to communicate, then you get the highest potential from all marketing strategies and channels.

What you need is a Data mart, some database when you can push in all this information and make it available back to the different tools that might need it.

Cabestan has such an offer called DMS Datamart, benefits are that this solution, based on some of our DB hosting tools is less expensive than a Datamart specialized solution.

At the end of the day what you need is to create an environment where all the data is merged and correctly mapped to make it possible to be used in any channel.

This can also get to another level when working with offline shops as well as a website, there is so much information that can be gathered in these shops which is too often not even sent back to the CRM system, due to a lack of upstream and of a normalized database.

With a data mart you can then agregate data from all these sources of information (and any other you can think of):
Website (web analytics + ad server), Email campaigns (ESP), Orders made by clients (CRM), Loyalty program (Loyalty Database), Shops surveys,...

Dont let the data in the wild, normalize and use, in the end you will save money, time and become more efficient.

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