May 18, 2009

Broadcast emails and then what?

This is a question I often see on other blogs and Marketing websites.

Once you are at the top of the art of email marketing and that you master all of the steps of a successful email marketing strategy.
Once your deliverability is at it's top, your IP and sender reputation all green, your email template optimized and your database segmented properly.
Once you have secured the incoming emails in your database, that you gathered useful behavioral and declarative information about them.

Then you are facing the BIG question: What can I do next? Is there any way I can optimize my strategy?

Well, basically this is when you will investigate social networks which is the great trend these days.

Basics of social network marketing are twitter, and social networks (such as facebook).

There are a lot of discussions accross the net about what needs to be done there and what content you should provide in all these different places.

Concerning content for example, if your newsletter has a great deal of information (not only a list of time limited deals and bargains, then you can create a blog syndicating the emails you sent. This is a very nice way of using on the long term what was initially an instant communication.

If you chose to create pages on facebook, it's also nice to put on this page a link to your email subscription form. Of course it's probably good to have somewhere on your email a "find us on facebook" button that links to your facebook page.

Once again, as mentioned in my post on the use of a datamart system, the important thing is to keep as many links as possible between all your means of communication.

Having plenty of means of communication is good but you need to keep a global thinking and have a general strategy, these means of communication are ways to achieve a specific goal (or different goals) you have, but your goals shouldn't be dictated by the means themselves.

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