Apr 4, 2009

Who wants to pay to put his name on a Jersey?

Since it's the week-end, let's make a post outside of email marketing.
I'm always amazed by good buzz marketing operations whatever channels are used in the process.

Who around here knows Romain Mesnil? Probably not many.
This 31 year-old man is probably the best French pole volter, he was second in the last European Championship and World Championship.
Problem is, Nike, his original sponsor stopped their collaboration, leaving him without any equipment sponsoring.

What to do then? Well he made a video of him running naked in the streets of Paris, carrying his pole around (no foney joke here).
This video has been seen almost 200 000 times on youtube (plus almost 600 000 times for the short version).

From this buzz he created a page on ebay where he sells the sponsoring of his jersey. The ebay sale will run until April the 9th. First price was 1 000€ it now is over 20 000€.
If you are interested you can bid here.
EDIT: It seems someone removed his bid, it now displays 1 510€.
EDIT2: The end date now is April the 10th 8AM (Paris time)

I'm not a huge athletics fan (I'm more into team sports) but I really think such creativity and risk taking should be rewarded.

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