Apr 2, 2009

OME'09 - Email Marketing, a weapon against the crisis

Maria Teresa Moreira (Country Manager, Emailvision)
Fiona Gillen (VP Marketing, Splendia)

The Presentation:
Splendia, a Spanish travel website was created in 2004, between 2004 and 2007 they ran a very aggressive lead collection program.
They now have around 500 000 optin profiles in their database.

Since 2008, their new strategy is based on:
  • Secure their bond with their clients.
  • Create a premium link with their consumers.
  • Create a dedicated relationship with each of their client.
  • Prospect new clients, generate new leads.

To build up a successful strategy, Splendia tried to find the good ESP (I write "tried", since they didn't chose cabestan of course ^^).
The choice was based on these elements:

1) The Emailvision company
  • Started in 1999
  • Nice features
  • Support team close to the client (office in Barcelona)

2) Delivrability and performance
  • Quick broadcasting
  • Secure platform
  • Good deliverability (around 95%)

3) Features
  • Inbox delivery monitoring tool.
  • Statistics followup
  • Easy re-send scenarios
  • Split testing
  • Automated campaigns
  • Transactional emails
Email is the second marketing channel in Splendia (after SEM). According to Splendia, chosing the right ESP is a key to success.
Sales and ROI can be increased by sending more (when of course keeping an eye on statistics, complaints and unsubscribers).
It is important to use as fully as possible all of your ESP's features.

Note: All of the features described in this post are also available using Cabestan.

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