Apr 2, 2009

OME'09 - Best practices?


The Presentation:
This presentation was supposed to deal with email best practices, I will not give neither the name of the speaker nor the ESP name, since I will criticize this presentation all along my blog post.

Try to picture a room of around 150 people gathered to hear about some email marketing best practices (as written on the trade show's program).
Then a guy shows up and loads his powerpoint.

He then runs through an amazingly long case study, showing off how well they match their client's expectations and how their tool can adapt itself to their client's needs.

25 minutes later (out of 30 minutes total) I was out of there, leaving behind me around 60 persons (half of them where probably having a quick nap) out of the 150 persons there in the first place.

Now if this presentation has something to do with email best practices, it can only be a good live example of why your subject line must match the content and why your email advertizing has to match the offers on your website.

It was probably not the point there but hey, I just can't convince myself I lost 25 minutes of my time in Madrid for no reason.

The trade show is now about to close it's doors, next blog post will probably be from Paris (and probably will be the complete results of my online survey).

Farewell OME!


Andrea Popa said...

Agree with you. Actually you should know that those "best practices" are a mere excuse for undercover selfpromotion of the companies who pay to have the opportunity of a speech. It's not a real benefit for the attendant, but a disguised seling action.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you Andrea, but I've been to a several speeches, and whereas usually people show how good their company is to achieve this or that (the feature they are supposed to talk about - which is I believe a fair deal), this speech didn't even mention best practices (at least it didn't when I left 5 minutes before the end of the speech).
It really was boring and frustrating.
There are so many ways of showing off while talking about best practices (by showing how easy it is with your tool to comply to it for example)...