Apr 6, 2009

Don't ever, ever,...

By creating my campaign monitoring email to measure the volume of email sent (see previous post), I also saw a few things that just freaked me out.

The top 3 mistakes or bad practices on email campaigns I received during Q1 2009 are:

1 - The bad practice back from another century.
One of the Love match companies I subscribed to is now using it's 15th different email since I subscribed (which makes an average of 5/month.
All the emails are as follows: info222@website-name.com, info223@website-name.com, info...

2 - The "who are you again?" Email
One of the lists I subscribed to (for an online gambling website) sent me the first email... 94 days after I subscribed.
That's a hell of a long time.

3 - Sorry no parlo la lingua.
One of the Love match companies, to which I subscribed with a French profile, sent me all communications in French (Good)... except one that I received half french and half Norvegian - or something approaching (Bad).
Fortunately enough it was not the first mail I received from them (and fortunately enough there was absolutely no point for me to unsubscribe) but how bizarre!
It has to be noted here that I didn't receive any apology message after that...

I did see a couple of other dodgy things in the huge amount of email received, but these 3 are over the top.

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