Apr 26, 2009

Cabestan v2009

Tuesday is a great day for Cabestan!
On this day we will make a presentation in Paris of our new release, this release will come up with an entirely new design and new features (but let's not say too much of this right now ;)

The presentation will be organised as follows:
First, a presentation of the new Cabestan release
Second, 3 workshops dealing with the following arenas:
- Database management and targeting
- Get new clients and keep them
- Deliverability
Last, a presentation on our new Datamart offer : create a 360° vision on your client's database with Cabestan's eCRM solution, the DMS Datamart.
Videos will be made of this event and presentations released,... in French.
I will of course link them here for French speaking readers.
Those of you around Paris on that day, you can register the last available seats here

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