Mar 26, 2009

Email Ethics Q1 2009 Survey

As some of you might know, I ran a survey on email marketing habits and strategies. While the final results analysis will be released over the week-end, here are the first elements that came out after a first glance at the statistics:

On the "best practices" side of things:
Over 80% of respondents segment their DB.
Over 80% of respondents seem to believe email Personalization is a key to successful email marketing strategy and
Over 80% of respondents use a mix of images and text in their email creative.

on the list hygiene side:
Almost everyone claim to get rid of Hardbounces, complainers and unsubscribers.

According to respondents, the 3 most important elements in email marketing are:
Database hygiene, Delivrabilty and attractive subject lines.

Stay tuned for the full report !

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