Feb 24, 2009

This morning's Gmail Outage due to a Hacker?

A new post has been made on the Official Gmail Blog to apologize once again for this morning's outage and to say the problem has now been identified and corrected (the service was back more or less 2 and a half hours after the crash).

The funny thing is that we are warned we might have to complete a captcha to login.

I don't know you, but it really looks like a way of countering a hacker attack to me.


Unknown said...

hacker ... or seeing as its happened, might as well clean up at the same time

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood. Their login server is different than the actual mail server, so when you try to login and cant, the login server may flag your account as needing to submit to a capthca if you try to login a few more times. I don't suspect that anyone has caused an issue do to unethical hacking.

Unknown said...

You are right that users might have failed to logon several times in a row, and that would probably be a reason to go through the CAPTCHA when trying to log back.

But I still reckon it's kind of funny this massive outage occurred a few weeks after Obama's team opened Gmail accounts while while waiting to enter the white house.