Feb 13, 2009

Is it not all about content after all?

I've been working for some time now in the email marketing business. I've spread the wise words of best practices to whoever I could.
Now don't get me wrong: Of course best practices are and will probably always be the best way to reach your user's inbox.

I'm talking here about list hygiene and technical specifications mainly.

But when you are in the inbox, what will make the user open your email and eventually click to your website.
People use to say : the subject line, the sender name or the marketing pressure.
All these elements do have an impact for sure (and I also do insist on those with my clients) when you think on a general point of view.

Now let's get in a one to one analysis:
My job being to know as many things as possible about email marketing I am subscribed to over a hundred newsletters (not on my main personal or professional email of course :)) and I receive 20 to 30 advertising emails each day. Even though (for professional reasons) I usually open each and every one of them to see what's going on around on the market.
Sometimes don't have time to go through everything. Then I have to make choices, and I will then act like any other subscriber : I pick what I believe to be the most interesting Newsletters in the list.

Now let's just stop here for a minute: How do I decide what is the nicest newsletter around in this huge list?
Believe me or not, I don't base my choice on the name of the sender or the subject line, I know from experience where to find good, nice looking emails. I know on which newsletter I will find the best deals.

This leads to my point: as good a marketer you are, as well you reach the email marketing best practices, you will always be dependent on the quality of your offers.

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