Feb 3, 2009

Gmail on the go

The news came out a few days ago, and I didn't want to post a message right away about this offline feature, not before I had a chance to estimate the impact this might have on email marketing deliverability issues.

After having tested this feature and going through the settings, the first impact I can see for email marketers is that whenever working in "offline mode", spam messages are not accessible (they are not downloaded, like emails in the trash).

This might be an issue when talking about "false positives" (read here emails sent to trash although they are legitimate).

But one of the biggest issue I can foresee although I haven't made any advanced tests yet is for email openings measurement. As most of you know, Email Service Providers use a pixel displaying to measure openings of an email.

What if all the images, including the counting pixel are loaded in your browser cache?
EDIT: It doesn't seem so, since no images are displayed while you browse your emails being offline.

I guess it will take some extra hours of use before one can tell if it will really impact email direct marketing on gmail users.

I will of course keep you posted on this issue, stay tuned!

You can read more on the Gmail official blog:
Official Gmail Blog'offline Gmail Post

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