Jan 7, 2009

Sales !

One thing the economic crunch induced is probably the biggest sales expectations I've ever seen.
Back when I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago, a lot of (not to say most of) shops displayed outstanding 50% off on their windows.
People were saying this year's sales period would probably see bargains up to -80%!

In France, the legal sales period (only time of year when shops and retailers are allowed to sell items at prices bellow the actual cost of it) started this morning, I of course received plenty of emails from all the lists I'm subscribed to and the bargains all look very aggressive for a first week.

Source: metrofrance.com
Opinion Way released yesterday a study for Sarenza.com stating that the average budget for the sales period in France this winter is 271 euros.

Last year the first day of the winter sales on e-commerce websites saw a 32% of revenue increase compared to the previous year.

Let's all guess that in this period of uncertainty and costs saving, email marketing will probably be the key to success in the 2009 sales war.

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