Jan 18, 2009

How can Madrid reach the inbox?

I was in Madrid last week and I went to a deliverability conference in which someone from hotmail, yahoo and gmail talked about how they filter spam and how marketers can make it to the inbox.

To be quite honest, nothing really came as a surprise to me but the way in which they presented the story was quite interesting and they did give out a few interesting tips.

To put it in a nut shell, here is what was said:

- Who is sending the message?
Along with the technical stuff such as the senderID, the DomainKey, having a revers DNS pointing correctly, they insisted on the importance of mentioning clearly the sender in the sender name and address.

- What is the message you are sending?
Nothing really new here, basically you need to comply with all email standards, make sure your email is not 100% HTML, put in the email footer your postal address,...

- Who are you sending to?
Watch out who you are sending to: always check your email addresses truly want to register (double optin is the key), make sure you do not trigger to many spam traps/hardbounces.
Make optout as easy as the optin.

- If 4xx bounces can be retried (after a short while), 5xx error messages shouldn't be retried in any case.
- Don't hesitate to ask you users to add your sending address to their contact list AND to mark your emails as "wanted", these requests are almost as important in the balance as the spam complaints are.
- Send on a regular basis. Whether you broadcast daily or weekly, you should always prefer to send on given moments. If you send every week on monday, your reputation will build up quicker than if you broadcast on a random manner.

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