Dec 11, 2008

You are someone special

Email marketing is always about having your client feel like they are special.
Some say email personalization is the key, that getting in a one2one relationship through personalized content is the one and only key to make your subscribers feel special.

I do believe that sending targeted offers with personalized content is a great way to hook your clients, but I just received a campaign making me believe that you can still send bulk email to people and still trigger a positive reaction through a little bit of humor and wit.

The email campaign I just received (on the left right here - you can click to enlarge) from Eurostar's frequent traveler program is just a great example of all this.

For all you non french speaking people reading these lines, I will translate the funny/interesting things in this email:

The campaign is presented as some kind of undercover/special agent briefing:

The newsletter is not called the December Newsletter but the December briefing
The email starts with a "confidential data" kind of disclaimer.
The offers are introduced by a quick text saying: "do not tell your friends about these dedicated offers or just to piss them off".

The footer is also special:
The traditional unsubscribe link says: To say "no thank you" to our emails, click here
The disclaimer: Our confidentiality agreement is no secret for anyone, you can read it here
I really like the last one as well: If you can't live without our newsletter, please add to your contact list before some zealous postmaster condemns our newsletter to the endless flames of the spam filter.

At the end of the newsletter, believe it or not, I kind of felt special :)

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