Dec 9, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Browsing the web, you sometimes find strange things...

Funny for example to find on page 2 of google's results for "email marketing" query the following:

A broadcast software that - believe me - has nothing to do with marketing.

Here are a few "highly impressive" features and services proposed:
Email Extractor - web email addresses harvester
Email Harvester - a program to harvest email addresses from wherever on your computer
Newsgroup Extractor - a usenet newsgroups data harvester
Atomic Whois Explorer (AWE) - a domain owner email address extractor from WHOIS database
IE Contacts Spy - an Internet Explorer plugin to harvest contact information from the Web, even decrypted emails from password protected websites

I really wonder how in 2008 some websites can still propose such sick practices and still appear on page 2 of the email marketing google results (this probably means a looooot of backlinks).

Are we really that far from getting email marketing to a safe and healthy level?

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