Dec 1, 2008

Are best practices the same for all?

I am currently running some study on email communication habits for several types of sites.
This test will run until the end of the year but one thing struck me already:
The number of weekly emails sent varies from one site type to the other. For example, retail websites seem to send less email than private sales websites but more than online travel agencies.

We there get to my point: One of the best practices recommended by all Email Service Providers is to be careful not to send too many emails to your clients.
Is this true for all website types? - Probably not.
Do people know when they sign up to a Private Sales websites they are likely to receive over a mail a day? - I guess so.
How do I know people expect such frequency? - I work at an ESP and I don't see higher complaint rates on such clients than there are on retailers sending once a week or less.

This would definitely mean that user oriented best practices (as opposed to ISP ones) are highly dependent on your website type and how people expect you to interact with them.

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