Nov 21, 2008

Returnpath latest news

Returnpath sent an announcement to his resellers.

Here is a selection of important information (italic sentences are quoted from the email):

1 - Returnpath + Habeas

Returnpath recently asquired Habeas (see news), the habeas Safelist is now called Sender Score Safe List and provides significant delivery benefits to more than a million receiving email systems at partner ISPs, message security providers and enterprises in 190 countries worldwide, including SpamAssassin, Road Runner, Cox, Box Sentry and Bizanga.

2 - Yahoo! + Returnpath
Yahoo! Mail performance data will begin showing up in the Daily Performance Reports the first week of December.
During the first week of January, Yahoo! will begin using Sender Score Certified status in their filtering decisions.
IMPORTANT: Yahoo! complaints will then be taken into account in the Certification scoring.

3 - Prices
The prices have changed (increased) due to all these changes:
Sender Score Certified and Sender Score Safe List will now be bundled together as one offering
The price list is available here

4 - Benefits
New senders who apply for our white listing programs will be evaluated for inclusion in both programs simultaneously.

5.1 - What with Existing members?
Existing Sender Score Certified members don't need to do anything to benefit from the Yahoo! white list enhancements.

5.2 - Concerning the new Sender Score Safe List:
Return Path will deploy a special communication that includes reduced pricing for those who wish to add the power of the Sender Score Safe List to their email marketing programs before renewal.

A second announcement, made on the Returpath website, is related to the Blue Tie blacklist (see my post). It announces the official release of the FBL. You can apply here.
I updated my Feedback loop list.

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