Nov 13, 2008

Report Spam link in your email

I just received a mail - which actually IS a spam since I never, ever subscribed to this list.
But this time, while reading the footer to try and guess how my email address just ended up in this broadcast, I saw a link that did trigger my attention.

It was reading: If you were not supposed to receive this email, please report an abuse

Now, of course I clicked and got to a form where I could select the reason of my complaint (never opted in, offensive content,...), add a comment and post.

This idea seems very interesting to me, I do use a lot of different feedback loops, but in this case you get to know why people complain and probably get to identify bad lead origins and the reason why you should stop using these.

More over, even if few people use this link instead of the complaint button, you can lower your complaint rate which is, at the end of the day, what I believe to be the major benefit.

Did you ever try such a thing? If so, did you lower your complaint rate?

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