Nov 20, 2008


I told it once, told it twice, I will tell it for a third time...

Once again I received an email from a list I never heard of (B&S). I expect this is coming from Locafilm, a french company that exchanged data with other list owners, program from which I unsubscribed several times.

What was not my surprise yesterday, when I logged in one of my secondary email addresses to discover I started receiving third party emails from some B&S company... one per day for the last 5 days! Most of these emails (all but one in fact) only proposed an unsubscribe from the partner offers which is I believe the second most annoying thing in receiving the emails (after the fact I never opted in for anything like this).
Finally, there was no word whatsoever about where and how I subscribed to this list (which of course would have been quite embarrassing for them).

This is a plague and I'm pretty much sure this B&S entity will never get any positive reaction from this list they are using, unless one of you have a success story I never heard of :)

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