Nov 14, 2008

May the force of email marketing be with you.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I met some M. Yoda, a funny looking email marketing guru, we talked for a while about email marketing and he gave me a list of advices on how to manage your marketing lists.

These advices I already gave but on several posts, that's a good opportunity to aggregate a bit all of this.

And remember, even if it's always tempting, don't ever slip on the dark side of the force.

- The double agreement of your user to send email to them you need to have.
- The unsubscribe process simple needs to be.
- The targeting of your email wise it always has to be.
- Irrelevant or offensive content sending, avoid you have to.
- Always checking your sender reputation you need.
- Analyzing the statistics always you have to.
- Nice and clear your landing page has to be.
- Whatever possible track you must.
- Your Database cleanup you must once in a while.

Even though his grammar is quite poor... I thought his advice was worth sharing with you.

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