Nov 2, 2008

Email Strategics - Step 5 - Landing Page

Once you have sent a nice creative to a performing segment of a high quality database and you delivered to the inbox, the next step of a successful email campaign is to get the most out of the reactive profiles.

This step also called transformation rate will be determined by the quality of your preliminary work, the way your call to action is placed on the creative and the transformation process on your website.

What you need at this step is to think about what you really want out of your contacts.

Once you know where you want to lead your users to, you need to work on your landing page, a good landing page is one that matches your creative and that's clear enough to guarantee a good understanding of your users.

You also need to have as few steps as possible up to the final action.

This final action might be a subscription to a newsletter, an order, a registration,...

Matching the creative:
The first important thing you need to keep in mind is that the landing page will be the first page of your website that the users will see after the email creative. Hence, you need to match the message on this page with the message you delivered in your email that had the user click.
For example, if you said in your creative : "Up to 50% off on round trips" then you NEED to have 50% off offers displayed on your landing page (and of course very visible).

Simple call to action:
Having a nice looking landing page matching the creative is not all the job, users don’t stay for too long on these pages and you need the transformation process to be as straightforward as possible.
A visible call to action is necessary, do not put a huge list of products on your landing page with a cal to action at the bottom of the page.
I do advise as well to limit the number of transformations attempts on this page along with links "out of your primary goal". If your campaign's target is to increase online sales on round trips, I think it's a loss of time and transformations to put a "subscribe to our newsletter" button or links to other categories of your website on the landing page. These alternate options can be given for example at the last step of the process in case the user doesn't validate it, you can propose alternate options to limit the number of 100% vanishing users.

Number of steps to the final page.
Whatever goal you have, you really want to limit the number of steps/pages the user has to go through before transformation.
Internet users often have limited patience, a simple 2 or 3 steps process will perform far better than a long and complicated one.
In the case of a targeted subscription to a service, you can for example on the first step get a few information (such as email, first name, last name) and the rest of the necessary information gathered on the next step, this way, profiles that abandon on step 2 can still be contacted by email to try and get them to come back and go through the rest of the subscription process.

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