Nov 12, 2008

Email refused with no bounce

Sometimes, email marketing is just oO
Recently, one of my clients sent an email to his clients list. This list usually performs quite well, but on this broadcast we where surprised to see that the open rate was at 0 on several domains (yes we do have statistics per domain), but surprisingly enough, no bounce of any kind was sent back to our servers.

After a couple of tests we did see that the creative as it was was just trashed by these providers without further notice.

The email contained two offers, one of which was for a "sex toys" online shop, this one had a disclaimer: over 18 yo / under 18 yo. once we removed this part of the email the creative went through to the inbox.

This teaches us two things:
First, don't ever unless 200% obliged to, use this highly porn connoted disclaimer on your emails. They probably trigger almost every alerts in the ISPs SPAM filters

Second, some ISPs do trash emails without bouncing back, this is of course an extreme example, but having no Softbounce or Spam filtered bounce (the famous hotmail "policy reasons") doesn't unfortunately mean you made it.

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