Nov 10, 2008

Do you wanna Flock?

Another post far, far, far away from email marketing.

I discovered today a new web browser called Flock.

This web browser is highly valuable if you are a network freak like me. You can add all your RSS feeds (like in most browsers one might say) but also all your networking accounts. your home page will then display the latest news from your network. You can also add your media accounts (Youtube, picasaweb, flicker,...) and your digg and/or Delicious accounts. Finally, you can add your webmail accounts.

All of this will then be available on the sidebar and you can of course interact with it.

This post is of course made through the Blog Post module of my freshly set Flock browser ^^.

You can download this tool here:
For mac / For windows

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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