Nov 6, 2008

Disposable email addresses

More and more internet users, tired of having more and more spam sent to their email address with no other option than opening a new one and give the new email address to all their contacts on a regular basis, use disposable email addresses.

These addresses, valid for a given time or inactivated on demand are used to (generally) forward incoming emails to the primary address. This way when too many spams are going to the primary email, they only have to inactivate the disposable address and create a new one.

These email addresses are of course of very poor quality and should be - in my opinion - removed from your DB as far as possible.

I edited a list of disposable emails providers available here.

If anything's missing, please contact me or post a comment.


Anonymous said...


I'd like to invite you and you readers to try out our new email service, OtherInbox. It goes along with the ideas and goals behind these disposable addresses, but in a permanent, usable inbox.

When signing up, each user gets their own domain name ( and they use that to sign up for their various newsletters and online services (,, etc.)

Your inbox is automatically organized and folders are created for each address, allowing you to seperate these emails from your work or personal account.

We are in private beta, but you and your readers can sign up here:

I hope you enjoy trying us out, and I look forward to reading any ideas or comments you may have.

~The OtherInbox Team

Unknown said...


I've been testing your tool for the last days, and the concept (although not 100% disposable email like) is very nice and straightforward. Thank you for the link!

Anonymous said...

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