Aug 26, 2008

Aug 23, 2008

My own private mailbox monitor

Sometimes, tools are design for a given purpose but can be very useful for other matters.
Pageonce is a good example.
This tool has been created to give a single page access to several accounts (your finance accounts, your webmails, your fidelity rewards accounts,...)
Some of you might know returnpath mailbox monitor, it's a seedlist you use to send a test email to several test email accounts and check the reception status on all these ISPs.
This service is of course not free.
What I did was create several freemail accounts, and entered them in a pageonce account.
I now have a seed list of 15 emails I can monitor at a glance in pageonce for free :)

This is believe me vey handy.

Aug 12, 2008

Return Path to Acquire Habeas


As a returnpath client, I just received an announcement from Returnpath, they are acquiring Habeas (a whitelist company).

Here is the announcement:


Return Path & Habeas: What It Means For You

Dear Client,

Today Return Path is announcing that it has agreed to acquire Habeas. We think this is an exciting day for anyone who cares about the email universe. The combination of the two leaders in email reputation management and deliverability services means more innovation for both email senders and receivers.

Of course, you are probably wondering what this means for you as a current Return Path client.

Over the next few months we will be working to transition all of the Habeas clients onto the Return Path platform. We will be keeping their client service team and training them on the Return Path tools and services. We are excited about the infusion of deliverability expertise that this acquisition brings us. While we may integrate some of the cool features from the Habeas platform, we don't anticipate a big change for current Return Path clients.

We are planning to operate both the Habeas SafeList and Sender Score Certified as two separate whitelists. If your clients are currently using both lists they may continue to do so. If you have clients who are not currently on the SafeList and would like to be, we can help you get the application process going.

At the end of the day you can expect Return Path provide you with even better service, more innovative products and the absolute best deliverability expertise available.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to your account person. Or, as always, you should feel free to email me directly. And be on the lookout for our press release and blog posting - both will be published this morning on

Best wishes,
Matt Blumberg


The Press release is available here: