Jul 30, 2008

Tell me how you buy, I'll send you what you want.

I talked earlier about matching your email database information with the activity on your website, but there are other information that you might want to add to your emailing strategy to optimize your email campaigns and maximize your ROI.

One important thing that you probably know about your clients' database but hardly ever use is the buying attitude of your profiles.

Let's imagine you are an online tour operator, then why not match the date of purchase and the type of product bought. You would then be able to send relevant offers at the right time.
For example if you can create a group of clients that usually buy trips to the southern hemisphere in December, then why not send them a great sunshine offer in November?

Other example, let's imagine you are selling time limited goods then by inserting the buy date in your database you can launch an automated campaign when you expect the client to need to buy the product again.

Once again, it's always about gathering as much information as possible about the people in your DB the more you know, the more efficient you can be.

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