Jul 28, 2008

Send less, earn more

The idea sounds Utopian but think a second about it:
What if you could send less emails and earn more cash out of it... and I'm not telling you as much, I'm talking about MORE earnings.

That's simple, today companies feel like, since the email broadcasting is cheap (compared to offline mailings and advertising), they can afford to broadcast the entire Database each time.
I won't talk right now about the virtues of targeting your communications to segments in your DB that match the type of offer you are sending out (although this is also a very important thing to do, that I will probably talk about soon enough).
The problem I talk about today is that a DB evolves and lives, and after a while, some emails inside your DB, simply die.
Most companies, willing to keep as much fire power as possible continue sending emails to the entire DB over and over again.

Now let's just think as an ISP now for a second, let's imagine one of your users has not been consulting his email during the last 12 running months, but companies continue sending email communications to this address, what credit would you grant these companies?
Wouldn't you block them?
That's just what we call email traps.

So back to my point:
By sending less I talk about excluding from your active DB emails with no reactions for let's say the last 6 months that have received a minimum number of communications (to avoid excluding non targeted emails), you can of course adjust the time period according to your types of communications.
Then, once these emails are removed, what kind of loss of openings do you expect? Slim to none, and you instantly cut your sendout fees. That's benefit one.
But, and that's why I talked about IMPROVING your revenue, your broadcast will trigger less trap emails, hence your campaign will run smoother and have a better overall delivrability (and more chances to end up inside the user's inbox). You should very soon see your open rate and click rate increase and your revenue as well.

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