Jul 27, 2008

Come again?

What a great WE... 3 posts in a row :)

This post here is a quick analysis of how you should adapt your comunications to the target you aim at.

Today, a lot of companies have lead campaigns running to increase their database volume.
These lead campaigns can be affiliation programs, sweepstakes, co-registration...

One of the most common mistake made by companies that buy third party leads is to consider them as regular clients registered on the website or through forms in shops.

It's very important here to make a distinction between a client that knows your brand an your type of products and someone that (more or less knowingly) registered to receive offers from your company.

When I usually advise people to send special offers to their clients, attractive offers that can get the client to buy instantly, it is - according to me - necessary when you send emailings to prospects to have the following in your creative:

- A quick and general presentation of your brand
People registered through lead campaigns generally have a poor knowledge of your website and activity, it's therefore useful to put things strait.

- A broad selection of attractive products/offers from your catalogue.
Since prospects don't know your offer in general and you hardly have any information concerning their taste it can be useful to start with generic creatives that can give them a good glance at your activity. You also increase the chances that the prospect sees something he might be interested in.

- The marketing pressure.
Until a prospect becomes a client (and you can move him from one DB to the other). It's never too good to harass him. You might get him to unsubscribe quickly from your prospects database.
I would advise to communicate regularly to always remain present in the prospect's mind but not too insistent, I would say once a week is the highest pressure you should apply to your prospects list.

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