Aug 17, 2007

The importance of content

Along with all other items that might get you to the Spam box of your hosted profiles, the content very important.

Most Spam filters around the planet (built in on the ISP server or client software) are evolutive. They "learn" according to the users' attitude concerning received mail.

This impacts mainly english words unfortunately for our English speaking friends. You want to avoid the use of words such as Viagra (of course), Special offer, online pharmacy,...

In the same way, you should avoid using money related words or sign in the subject line (it's apparently less impacting in the creative itself).

Still concerning the subject line, you should avoid special characteres such as #, %, £, $, €,...

Finaly you are more likely to go through if your creative includes some text, Spam filters are very harsh on emails coming in with mainly images.

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