Jun 2, 2007


I think some of you might need definitions of words I used in the posts I made and the ones that are coming so here you go:

Profile : A profile is one user with all the available data related to him.
Profile fields : The database fields in which you will insert the relevant data (First name, Last name, date of birth, last order date,....)
Optin : the acceptation by the user to receive offers and communication from your organization.
Optout (Unsubscribe) : the action of unsubscribing from your diffusion list.
Lead : An optin profile
Data mining : the study in deep of your database to analyze it and to optimize it.

Online marketing:
Media campaigns : campaign on a website with creatives and a link redirecting to your website (most frequent banners are the following size : 468x60, 728x90, 120x600, 300x250, 250x250), this kind of campaign is usually sold on a CPM or CPC basis (see here after)
Lead campaigns : campaigns which aim at registering users to your website or your newsletter.
Direct marketing campaigns : renting a database to send out an html or text message through email or SMS.

Sales words:
CPM : Cost for one thousand (can be one thousand impressions for media campaigns, one thousand emails rented for a broadcast,...)
CPC : Cost per click
CPL : Cost per lead
eCPM : Effective CPM, to compare the efficiency of different campaigns sold on a different basis (CPC, CPL, CPM), you need to calculate your income on a eCPM basis.
If "A" is the global revenue generated on the campaign, "B" the number of sent emails or impressions, your eCPM can be calculated as follows:
eCPM = (A/B) x 1.000

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